Saturday, October 15, 2016



Looking for suggestions...need monsters, playtesting, general thoughts, etc. Thank you!!

Work in progress. Art by Thomas Novosel. Words by Evey Lockhart. Attitude by Anxy P. 

I pretty much did nothing for this. Except plussed some posts. It's basically a fantasy-themed version of Zak Sabbath's gigacrawler.

If I remember his gigacrawler sessions correctly.

The gist:

You're trapped in a dungeon that's trying to kill you. Not directly, it's just rooms and hallways and everything is murder. Kill things and be rewarded. Kill one another and receive more rewards. But careful of the monsters, sometimes you have to work together. Find the exit. Or fuck the exit and just go on a killing spree.  Character generation is drop table fashion. When you die you spawn a new character to continue murdering.

Roll. Write. Circle. Murder.

(Hopefully you can access the doc.)

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