Tuesday, September 10, 2019

After the Rain

It’s 2079.

You are survivors in Newmerica, the last bits of viable land of the former United States of America, somewhere in the midst of the Midwest, between the now-poisoned Mississippi River and the toxic landfill of the Grand Canyon.

Everything is ruled by The Unity, an oppressive corporation with ties to older, globe-spanning empires of business and industry.

As a survivor, you struggle to make a living in a society that appears picture perfect on television, despite shrinking forests, frequent acid rain, and intensifying storms.

There is little hope for change, but there is the promise of the elite of society, of having their lives as portrayed on television.

And then there’s the Whisper, a radio transmission emanating from some distant point that breaks the veil created by The Unity, offering up harsh realism of the way things really are in the world.

The question is...will you be swayed by the promises of the Unity...or lured by the voice of the Whisper?

“After the Rain” is a roleplaying game currently in the works. I’m leaning on “Into the Odd” as my basis of a game system, but that could change as I continue to work on this project.

Monday, September 3, 2018

The Godfaced Lands

The Dumontiluvian War rages across the vast, pockmarked skinlands of the Godfaced valley of He-who-Hungers, with the roving hordes battling to drive their enemies into the massive, screaming gorge whose walls rise up and crest into a fang-rimmed chasm known as the End of the World.

Vulturemen on shackled, enslaved hawkbeasts soar overhead and dive to feast on the dead left behind in the greater war between the ratmen on their giant human-headed spider beasts, facing insect-people on goat beasts, and pigmen riding lizard beasts joined in battle against octopi riding crab monsters.

Yeah so, I've started work on a new project. It's just a short and silly thing to get my creative juices flowing again, but of course I'm already hungry to see artwork based on the brief I posted above, and I've reached out to Michael Raston (lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com) to help me flesh out the setting and concept a bit more.

My thought is this is all there is to the world; just the face. The face itself has been ripped off of a God, so there’s a Faceless God out there somewhere. Probably a little pissed to be missing their face.

So it’s clearly a ripped off face floating in darkness I guess? Although the world has some kind of day/night cycle, some kind of atmosphere and physics and gravity making it all work.

I’m not great at writing right now but I kind of envision this place as a weird, Alice-in-Wonderland-kind-of-weird place, where it has its own sense of logic and reality that functions for the bizarre factions that are all engaged in ridiculous war for no reason.

As for the rider/mounts:

Vulturemen riding shackled hawkbeasts.
Clearly at some time the hawkbeasts were free roaming. The gangly vulturemen, In all their skeksi-like glory, have imprisoned them, quite possibly in heavy and burdensome shackles making flight difficult but possible, but hardly graceful. And the vulturemen could fly themselves, but they are lazy and hate to use their wings.

Breathing-mask wearing humans riding giant ticks.
No idea where the masks come from or why they are needed but the only humans present wear ornate face masks wit breathing apparatuses attached and ride gigantic black ticks.

Ratmen in howdahs riding gigantic human heads on spider legs.
Weirdest of the mounts, the massive human heads are the heads of priests and kings who once served the now faceless god. Clearly for them this landscape is some kind of version of hell. They do not speak but probably appear angry or distressed as they are ridden into combat.

Insect-men on dual-headed goat monsters.
The goats have two heads aligned vertically, and seem to constantly be in pain. The insect-men are regal in design, each warrior atop a goatbeast a prince of their hive.

Pigmen riding lizard beasts.
The pigmen (NOT pig-nosed orcs) were the worshipers of the Faceless God when he had a face. This too, like the priests and kings mentioned above, is their version of hell. They ride atop horse-like lizard/dinosaur beasts.

Octopi warriors atop crablike monsters.
Somewhere there is an ocean whose water smashes against a beach, and it is from this place these warriors rise. Fierce and intelligent, the octopi wield multiple weapons as they ride their crablike behemoths into battle.

Six factions so far. I'll probably (or Michael will) come up with a few more. Maybe it will be possible to mix and match Rider and mount, with the above outline being only one possible outcome. I suppose each rider and mount has unique advantages and disadvantages in play.

With a great deal of thanks to everyone on Google+ who contributed ideas and suggestions!

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Thing in the Sky

So here's a thing I had made:

Artwork by D. L. Johnson. Copyright 2018.

If you don't know, I run my own game company called In Search of Games. We're focused on producing old school game products, like the Ennie-nominated Santa is Dead as well as Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos, both products written by Evey Lockhart (both products are also Copper Sellers and available for download and purchase on DrivethruRPG).

So I have this artwork made by D.L. Johnson, and nothing yet planned for it.

Which is where you come in. If you or someone you know would be interested in work, I'm accepting pitches for a small product that makes use of the above featured artwork. Payment is $.10/word, plus profit shares.

Send your pitches to me directly at thesecretdm@gmail.com.