Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Opulent Temple

I’m trying to get back to writing.

Not fiction, game writing. Not mechanics either, I hate those. Fluff, I guess, but I hate long winded fluff, like game books that are 400+ pages of setting details. Just short, little vignettes.

I’d like to gamify these with stats or charts or something useful, but for right now I want to get this bit of writing I did down.

The Opulent Temple

Twin, rectangular stone slabs stand as sentries, vertically rooted in soft, grass covered earth, towering nearly two stories tall. They rest as unmoving guardians, their unmarked, blank faces watching those who cross through the entryway of the Opulent Temple. They are copper toned, hewn in single pieces from the Nymead Mountains, some 1,000 miles from the temple.

They are, for all intentions, unremarkable, beyond their strange positioning outside the temple's entrance...and their signature color.

But they are dangerous golems, capable of expelling invisible beams of radiation at anyone deemed unworthy to enter the temple.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Whilst Asleep Came the Hunger

So Dan wrote up a brilliant creature ready to casually invade some players' dreams, maybe steal some spells:

...and his post inspired me to make my own dream invading creature, a "Dire" Dream Wolf.

Whilst Asleep, Came the Hunger

Wolves, Dream, Dire

[as dire wolves except +125 xp]

Dire Dream Wolves are creatures corrupted by regions where the far realm meets the spirit realm. Dream wolves are, by their nature, guardian spirits who stalk the twilight realm, hunting down tricksters.

But far-touched by the tendrils of chaos, dire dream wolves hunger instead for any living thing that enters their domain, specifically focusing on sleeping travelers and other wayward souls.

Their bodies are dark, speckled with starlight, with large lesions on their bodies that seep chaos. There is a 1 in 3 chance for the dire Dream wolf to have a tentacle, granting it a reach attack upto 10'.

Combat with dire Dream wolves can only take place in the Spirit Realm; they cannot be brought into the physical world because they possess no true physical form.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

After the Rain

It’s 2079.

You are survivors in Newmerica, the last bits of viable land of the former United States of America, somewhere in the midst of the Midwest, between the now-poisoned Mississippi River and the toxic landfill of the Grand Canyon.

Everything is ruled by The Unity, an oppressive corporation with ties to older, globe-spanning empires of business and industry.

As a survivor, you struggle to make a living in a society that appears picture perfect on television, despite shrinking forests, frequent acid rain, and intensifying storms.

There is little hope for change, but there is the promise of the elite of society, of having their lives as portrayed on television.

And then there’s the Whisper, a radio transmission emanating from some distant point that breaks the veil created by The Unity, offering up harsh realism of the way things really are in the world.

The question is...will you be swayed by the promises of the Unity...or lured by the voice of the Whisper?

“After the Rain” is a roleplaying game currently in the works. I’m leaning on “Into the Odd” as my basis of a game system, but that could change as I continue to work on this project.