Friday, September 17, 2021

Lost in a Dungeon

Hey, have you heard about Down We Go?

So I’ve started blogging here at The Secret DM again, and I also started running Down We Go online on Monday nights, and I’m having a blast, and decided I would blog about the experience.

Which I could have done here at The Secret DM.

But I’m not going to, really, probably not anyway. Instead I set up a new blog: Lost in a Dungeon

Lost in a Dungeon is a new blog dedicated to supporting Down We Go— it will feature my play reports, as well as optional content to enhance play for others. I’m looking forward to developing it there, and I’m very happy to have the support of both Tony Vasinda and Markus Linderum to pursue my plans for Down We Go, utilizing the Together We Go 3rd party license.

So be sure to check out!

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