Wednesday, September 29, 2021


So I’ve started writing my own game system. Again, of course, but this time I’ve actually followed through and put something together that — on paper — I really enjoy.

Logo design by Jason Chapman, featuring art licensed from William McAusland/Outland Arts.

BURN is a game system that uses a single d6 for determining outcomes. Players have six different stats and 12 points distributed among them that they can “burn” to achieve an auto success and avoid a failed roll, which usually involves a setback or negative consequence.

Once all the points are spent though, a character is “burned out”, suffering disadvantage on rolls until they can take either a rest.

Characters begin the game with six health, and when health is reduced to 0, the character is on The Brink of Death — alive but unable to take any action, until healed/mended by another character or they rest.

Resting restores 1 health and 2 points distributed among the six stats, including putting both points into the same stat.

All attacks in the game are considered successful and deal 1 hit, but rolls of 1 on a d6 will result in triggering a setback as well, such as dropping your weapon, and rolls of 6 deal double damage (so normally that’s 2 hits).

You must be holding a weapon of some kind, or trained in unarmed combat, in order to make an attack.

The game is inspired by Into the Odd, Troika!, a little bit of DCC, and a dash of 4e, among other games. 

Theres still a lot of work to be done to get the game ready to play test, but I feel good about the direction it’s moving in.


  1. Exciting concept! I'm intrigued by the simplicity of using just one d6 and the strategic element of 'burning' stats for auto-success.


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