Thursday, September 16, 2021

Consuming Plant

Some things just want to eat your face.

I saw a piece of art by Nick Pyle on Instagram, of a person having their face consumed by a plant — or something like that, anyway, and I immediately thought of an awesome monster it would be.

This post features original art by Evlyn Moreau that pays homage to the Nick Pyle piece.

And because it’s my favorite right now, I’ve statted this monster for Down We Go — which is currently crowdfunding on GameFound. Check it out! There are seven days left!!

Consuming Plant

A consuming plant is a mobile plant that seeks to attach itself to the head of a living creature, sliding vine-like tendrils into the skull and quickly dominating the brain, turning the creature into a vessel to do the plant’s bidding.

Wracked with painful headaches, the victim becomes bent on maniacal plotting for diabolical plans catering to furthering the needs of the Consuming Plant.

Very loud noises seem to disrupt the influence of the consuming plant over its victim, but only for short periods of time. Fire can destroy the plant but usually the victim must be set on fire as well.

Difficulty: 15
Dam: Special
Hits 3
Special: Smothering

The ball of vines leaps about quickly and latches vines around a potential victim’s head, then pulls itself close and begins smothering the subject until they succumb to its dominion, which takes 1d4+2 rounds.

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