Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Metaminds of Vor

The Metaminds of Vor dream only of doomsday, calculating the odds of humanity’s demise. Synthroid agents tend to the needs of the massive brain-tanks, monitoring their systems for fluctuations in the patterns that could spell sudden disaster.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the Metaminds are themselves psychic entities, using their ability to access future events to determine the outcomes of extinction.

As semi-organic constructs, the Metaminds do not consider themselves to be synthetic life forms, but the synthroids who care for them see them as machine minds. This detail is significant as synthroids themselves care little for the outcomes the metaminds predict.

Adventure Plots

Vor has suddenly gone silent, and the scientists who monitor the calculations worry something dire has happened. The PCs are hired to investigate and get the transmissions back online.

Here are some reasons why Vor is offline:

  1. Synthroids have revolted and taken the systems offline so that the Metaminds no longer serve humanity.
  2. The Metaminds have malfunctioned as a result of tampering, and their psychic abilities are wreaking havoc across the Vor station
  3. A newly installed Metamind has gone rogue and is attempting to take over Vor station for its own nefarious needs
  4. Synthroids have converted Vor into a temple and worship the metaminds as Gods
  5. A virus has infected the metaminds and made them psychotic; the synthroids stationed here serve the metaminds without question
  6. Enemy agents have infiltrated Vor for the purposes of hacking the metaminds to serve their own needs

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