Friday, March 6, 2020

Some writing

Some writing I’ve done today:

A giant eye sits exposed in the center of a large chamber, walls carved with ornate symbols that glow with white purple neon luminescence. The eye blinks and rolls down to peer at trespassers who enter the chamber. Hooks dangle from the ceiling, and the eye can control them with psionic influence, latching into victims to rip flesh and pull them to the ceiling.

It was Pun Isaac’s birthday yesterday. I wrote up a monster to celebrate his birthday:

Minotaur, Fighting, Drunken: The Drunken Fighting Minotaur is a somewhat less formidable opponent than its regional cousin, the Fighting Minotaur, though it’s drunken nature should NOT lead one to believe this Minotaur is any less deadly. They just tend to stumble and fall infrequently, giving would be victims a chance to escape.

This Minotaur has two main modes of combat: BAR BRAWL and BULL IN A CHINA SHOP.

BAR BRAWL: With dukes up the drunken fighting Minotaur is in prime attack mode, able to deal dual attacks with meaty fists (1d8+2 damage each), occasionally flipping a table if one is nearby.

BULL IN A CHINA SHOP: In this mode the Minotaur moves in a spinning frenzy, knocking over and destroying anything in its wake. It deals 2d6 damage to anyone within a 5’ radius, save for half damage.

At the start of each round, roll 1d6. On a 1 the Minotaur stumbles and falls to the ground.

Drunken Fighting Minotaurs are solitary creatures, wallowing in their loneliness. If there are any non-drunken Minotaurs nearby, the drunken fighting Minotaur will attempt to seduce them, with a 1 in 3 chance I’d successfully courting a partner.

XP: 625

Today is Ben Laurence’s birthday. I wrote some fighting styles for him before I figured out he wanted fighting styles like the ones he put up on his blog:

I’ll post the poor versions I wrote on Twitter below:

Until next time friends.


  1. You can turn martial styles you wrote into martial styles similar to Ben Laurence's breakdowns.

    For example: Pole Lunge (Pole and Rod): character used a pole for quick spring, attacking then with rod from unexpected angle, sacrificing the defence and balance. As one action can move 10 feet even over difficult terrains or opponents themselves and attack with +2 (+any sneak damage if applicable) but takes extra -6 Defence penalty and 1d6 extra damage on the next attack from enemy.

    This is, maybe, too Pathfinder-y a description, but something like that.

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