Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Opulent Temple

I’m trying to get back to writing.

Not fiction, game writing. Not mechanics either, I hate those. Fluff, I guess, but I hate long winded fluff, like game books that are 400+ pages of setting details. Just short, little vignettes.

I’d like to gamify these with stats or charts or something useful, but for right now I want to get this bit of writing I did down.

The Opulent Temple

Twin, rectangular stone slabs stand as sentries, vertically rooted in soft, grass covered earth, towering nearly two stories tall. They rest as unmoving guardians, their unmarked, blank faces watching those who cross through the entryway of the Opulent Temple. They are copper toned, hewn in single pieces from the Nymead Mountains, some 1,000 miles from the temple.

They are, for all intentions, unremarkable, beyond their strange positioning outside the temple's entrance...and their signature color.

But they are dangerous golems, capable of expelling invisible beams of radiation at anyone deemed unworthy to enter the temple.

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