Friday, September 16, 2016

Across the Stars: Yurei Morovosky

Praetor Yurei Morovosky. The High Armored One. A name as cold as the box that keeps him alive. His visage, with its sunken, mummified cheeks, hangs down with foreboding doom, emerging through an opening of his coffin-shaped life support system, crude technology that sustains his life beyond natural limits. Unwilling to relinquish control of Yukev Machina Industries, Yurei speaks to everyone he encounters with a contempt only concealed by his thick accent, a relic of Old Earth, much like himself. He has no patience for the brazen attitudes of those who are younger than him. It's rumored he's older even than the rogue AI Mankh, and possibly owes his current state of near-immortality to Mankh's failure to upload Yurei during the 'Grand Convergence'.

Here, Yurei is pictured with a helvoyska, one of his elite personal soldiers. Yukev Machina is known for their weapons division, and many ships throughout the terran systems are equipped with Yukev Machina weaponry. But for Yurei, he's most pleased with his personnel armaments, gruesome and primitive looking as they are.

They inspire fear. And that allows Yurei to save his breath. 

Because for Yurei, every breath taken is a precious one.

(For "Across the Stars". Artwork by Khairul Hisham.)

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