Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bag of Astronauts

Earlier today I wrote the following comment on a G+ post by +Cédric Plante, in which he mentioned a "bag of astronauts" (toy figures) he'd received as a gift:

I'd play a game called "Bag of Astronauts". Especially a LotFP adventure. Illustrated by +Cédric Plante, of course.
I'd hire +Evey Lockhart to write it. Maybe both her and you, +Andrew Shields.
Maybe set it in #Waste and make it LotFP compatible.

I haven't stopped thinking about it all day.

And now I'm seriously considering seeing if Evey, Andrew, and Cédric (or another artist) might want to work on a Waste/LotFP adventure called "Bag of Astronauts".

It would give me an excuse to use all of this amazing artwork I commissioned from Austin Sung, as well:

This project would also give me an excuse to commission watercolor spaceships. Which I think would look fantastic.

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