Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Projects

I've launched two new projects that might interest you if you read this blog:

This is a hub for all of the ideas for projects I have or have had or will have. Check back frequently as I'm slowly updating each of the concepts.

2) I'm on Patreon!


That's right, together with my friend (and future business partner) Ariana Ramos, I'm launching a Patreon, hopefully so we can raise a little bit of a cashflow before we dive head on into releasing our first fully realized project, Across the Stars.

3) We're killing Santa!

Okay, maybe not directly...but there's a whole group of artists and writers working like frantic little elves to whip up a holiday themed adventure and get it out to you by Christmas! The adventure, written by Evey Lockhart with artwork by Claudia Cangini, Juan Ochoa, Eric Quigley, and others, will be available for free (although donations are being accepted for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, my favorite charity).

More news to follow!

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